What Makes a Good Insulated Travel Mug?

Many people don’t realize the design and engineering that goes into making the accessories and other tools that they use all the time. Most people understand that complicated machines like cars and jets require extensive engineering.

However, the small items do as well. Everything from the soda can that they pop open to sip on the favorite carbonated beverage to the pen they use to sign the checks for their utility bills requires research, design, and testing.

3 Things to Look At When Buying a New Mug

Not all insulated mugs are the same. And, not all travel mugs are the same. Put that together and you get a lot of different insulated travel mugs of all shapes, sizes, quality, and prices.

Here are three major aspects to look for when choosing a new one.


What the mug is made of is of course a major concern. Is it made of a very durable plastic, or of even more durable stainless steel? How is the insulation achieved? Is the plastic lid BPA-free?

All of those are valid questions. By asking those and other similar questions, you stand a better chance of finding a mug that truly lives up to the task at which you want it to.

Great design can only go so far. The materials used to make the design reality are equally important.


A travel mug needs a good seal. And, so does an insulated mug that’s worth the material it’s made of. Make sure to research how good the seal of the mug you are leaning towards is.

The first step is to try and find out the details of the seal such as what materials are used. The next step would be to read user reviews to see if they have had problems with leaks. The last step would be to see if you can find any user tests, preferably with video evidence shows the quality of the seal.

You could always buy a test item and run your owns tests as well to simply return the product if it fails to live up to your standards.


It would be unrealistic to leave out price as a determining factor of whether of not a mug, or any product to be fair, is worth the purchase. The cheapest item isn’t always the worst, and equally, the most expensive isn’t always the best.

The trick is to find the cheapest item that fulfills all the basic needs that you have of that item. That would be a great value. And again, with mugs and thermoses, this idea is no different than with any other product.


Deciding on which mug is best, whether as a product your business will carry, or as an end user, does not have to be complicated. You want a product that is well designed, uses quality materials, does what it’s supposed to do, and isn’t overpriced.

You don’t need to overpay for unneeded extras, sometimes referred to as bells and whistles. You just need the best-priced product that meets the demands you have of it.

If you find that, you’ll find a great mug.

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