Technology and Baby Safety

When you mention the tech industry to most people on the street, the first things they think about are smartphones and computers. They may even think about something like a Tesla. But, you will almost never get someone to think about how technology is being used to improve infant safety.

The truth is though that there are companies taking advantage of today’s technological advancements to create upgraded baby products based off of older designs. The perfect example of this is improved baby monitors.

Some of the new technologically advanced monitors are much more sophisticated than those of decades ago. Long gone are the simple short-range radios that were basically cheap walkie-talkies.

Now, you will find baby monitors that incorporate video. Instead of something that is only good for hearing when your baby is and is not crying, you now can actually have a real time image of your precious one.

But it gets even better than that. Instead of only being able to see your little on via video on a special monitor that pairs with the camera, some baby monitors allow you to access the video through your computer or smartphone. Plus, the image streams are encrypted so you don’t need to worry about others hacking into your feed and spying on your baby.

Another amazing feature of some of the newer baby monitors is that some of them actually have the built in ability to sense movement. If you want to know when your baby is tossing and turning, you will.

There’s even more cool features on some of the newer baby monitors too. Aside from what was mentioned above, those like the Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor will also show the parents the temperature in your baby’s room. If you are concerned it might be getting too hot or too cold in their room, you’ll be able to see the exact temperature throughout the night without the need to spot-check it.

There are other very cool baby tech devices aside from just baby monitors. There are advanced noise makers that mimic the sounds a baby hears within it smother’s womb. They are made to help and infant sleep better, especially in the earlier months.

There are also extremely accurate non-invasive digital thermometers, hands-free breast pumps (which are more for Mom than are for her baby), tools to help you keep track of feeding times and diaper changes, and a never-ending lineup of smartphone apps.

Bringing your newborn home is both exhilarating as it is anxiety inducing. Every night is trying. And, when you first decide to have your baby sleep in their own room, it can be terrifying. The first time you try you’ll most likely have the urge to check on them every 5 – 10 minutes.

Hopefully all of these new gadgets will help your baby sleep soundly and safely as well as let both parents get some well needed rest while reducing anxiety. If technology can’t help with that, what good is it?

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