Business Planning

Manual Tools vs. Automatic Tools

There is absolutely no shortcoming of tools and appliances. From dishwasher to power washers, and from power drills to paintbrushes, if you have a job to do, you can find a tool for it. But, when looking for a new tool, no matter the type, you have one major choice before you start comparing  […]

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What Makes a Good Insulated Travel Mug?

Many people don’t realize the design and engineering that goes into making the accessories and other tools that they use all the time. Most people understand that complicated machines like cars and jets require extensive engineering. However, the small items do as well. Everything from the soda can  […]

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Adding Trampolines to Your Home

Fitness and fun can bring great value to your life. Hence, a sturdy commercial trampoline can be a good investment. However, if you want to maximize the experience, then you need to be careful with your purchase. Surely, a lot of contractors will be more than willing to be of help but before  […]

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Mitigating Business Cost Variance


One of the single most frustrating things as a business owner are costs and expenses that you cannot predict ahead of time. From natural disasters to wars and draught, there are thousands of reasons for the constant up and down in expenses some businesses experience. If you source product internationally like we do, with a high per item price tag, these costs can really add up. This post is about how you can fight rising costs that are beyond (or so you think)your control.

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