Examples of Smart Engineering in Small Home Accessories

When you talk about intelligent engineering feats regarding houses, you usually discuss architectural design. However, signs of brilliant engineering are noticeable all over the place if you take a little time to make some deeper observations.

For example, though technically still part of your architectural design, your home’s climate control, like how the ductwork is placed, can show very smart engineering. The HVAC unit as well is engineered to work as efficiently as possible for the specific square footage of your house.

Here are a few other examples on some smaller home accessories that you probably take for granted.

Coffee Brewers

There is no shortage of different types of coffee brewer products. From traditional drip brewers to French presses, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. But, over the last several years a very different type of machine has become incredibly popular.

The Keurig became a staple household accessory by making single cup coffee brewing as easy as humanly possible. Instead of needing to grind your own beans, or even just place your beans into an automatic grinder, you use single serving K-cups that you simply snap into place.

Then all the user needs to do is select the size of the cup they want in ounces and press a button. It’s unbelievably smart.

Workout Gear

In most situations you need a lot of extra space in your house in order to have a place for some workout gear. Those with extra rooms or finished basements can set up their own mini home gyms. But, for those living in smaller houses or even apartments, some very intelligent engineering allows you to get a bit of a workout in at home as well.

You don’t need a full cable machine or a rack of free weights to get your blood pumping and your muscles twitching. There are some small space friendly pieces of equipment designed to let you use your body weight like pull up bars that fit in your doorway.

By using your body weight instead of plates or dumbbells, you save a huge amount of space.

Smart Equipment

Some of the most intelligently designed home accessories showing smart engineering are actually taking advantage of software engineering instead of mechanical. Probably the most extreme advancement in modern homes is the ability to have software control many aspects of them.

The Nest is a smart thermostat that allows you to have your home’s climate control change through the day to suit your family’s needs such as having the air conditioner kick in more when you are home and less when you are at work and school. Machine learning helps it start to make changes without human input at all.

There are also devices like Alexa, which will allow a homeowner to control their home’s lighting and certain appliances with their voice or their smartphone.

As the technology advancements you will most definitely see more and more smart home devices.

In Conclusion

Intelligent engineering is found all over your home, whether you live in a house or in an apartment building. Newer dwellings are built with engineering advancements in mind. But, advancements can be seen in the products you use in your home as well.

Expect this trend to become even more common moving ahead.

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