Things to Know About Kukri

Kukri, also known as khukuri, Gurkha blade, and rawit is a kind of knife that originated in Nepal and is still being used today. It has been traditionally used as part of the weaponry of armies in different countries. This type of knife can be easily identified because of its blade feature wherein it has a unique forward drop or curve that goes down in a forward manner. Such design has been made to ensure that there is enough weight on the blade when used, making it strong enough to cut in one blow.

The kukri knife comes in two general types which are called Eastern blade or Sirupate or Siru leaf and Western blade or Budhuna or Baspate or bamboo leaf. The Eastern type has a somewhat thinner blade while the Western is a little thicker by an inch or less. Nonetheless, no matter what type you use, they still have the same functionalities.


Today, a kukri machete can be used as a hunting tool. As mentioned earlier, the blade has a distinctive design. That is because each part can be used for different purposes. The pointed end or the tip is intended to be used for stabbing and the bending design allows the user to stab an animal without creating any angles in the wrist. As such, the stabbing technique can be done comfortably. On the other hand, the middle part of the blade, which is the widest, is intended for chopping and slashing the animal that has been hunted into pieces. Lastly, the edge or the area that is nearest to the handle is designed for carving and whittling.

Apart from hunting, the kukri can also be used as a regular kitchen cutlery. Likewise, you can also utilize it in your garden or farm to harvest crops and plants without hassles. In addition, it can also be helpful in cutting tall grasses, melon vine, corn stalks, and the likes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Tool

As discussed earlier, the recognizable design of the knife gives it a big advantage when it comes to cutting, stabbing, etc. on items. That is because the task can be accomplished with one, swift motion or throw. It also has a crook that is effective enough to dress and clean animals hunted as well as dig holes on the ground and scrape objects. Cutting or chipping trees and similar items will also not be big of a hassle.

However, when using the tool you must keep the right distance from the object that you need to cut sin order to give you enough force and space when you swing it. Likewise, a constant practice must be done for you to be able to master its use since balancing it while using is quite hard.

Final Thoughts

Kukri is a multipurpose knife that will be a great companion in your hunting, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities because of its quality and design. You just need to make sure that you learn how to properly use it to ensure your safety as well as the people around you.

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